Financial Independence

Financial Independence (FI) used to describe not having to work for money anymore because your passive incomes cover your monthly expenses, and a more typical term for those under the age of 62

FI is never taught in School. Is is a Rich Class Skill usually passed on by the Wealthy to their families. Reason for this is because All Governments and Big Corporations would like for you to work until you die. When you work, they can tax you and/or profit from you. Thus any worker is consider a Financial Wage Slave.

Most fun things in life are Free! Though when you consume needlessly, you are giving up 50 hours a week of your life. How can you enjoy your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s while working and bound to a job 50 hours /per week with only 2 weeks or less vacation time? I rather sacrifice a little now, while still doing¬†everything free and physical, so i can be free and have Time to enjoy my entire life now at 25. Not watch it waste away with every big mac i buy while working until i am 65+.

Every dollar you spend is like a prison sentence of 5-30 minutes based on your income. “Dig that ditch, write that paper, get me a coffee, sit down in that chair only, stare at that screen, fill up that ditch, left justify those price tags, right justify those price tags, get into that submarine..” This drains your energy for the rest of the day too, plus makes you stressed out, and they make you commute to that prison with your own money!

This is why i am getting out of Financial Slavery at 35. I will watch the workers zip pass me in their loaned ferraris at 18 MPG to get to work on time to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours every day staring at a screen, wasting their lives away for someone elses gain. While I teach my future children about how big the universe is while looking at the ocean.